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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for a broad range of people interested in cloud technology – from those working in application development, DevOps or networking  – right through to IT students starting in their career.

Do I need a college degree in IT to take this course ?

AWS is used by people with a very diverse range of technical skills and backgrounds.  You should already have some technical IT skills (from working in IT, a technology course or self-taught), but you do not need an IT degree.

Do I need previous AWS experience to take this course ?

Previous AWS experience is not necessary but any experience with AWS or other cloud platforms would be useful to you.  At the end of each class, the course tutor will give exercises and assignments for you to practice your skills in deploying AWS resources relevant to the exam.

Will the AWS Solution Architect certification help my career ?

AWS skills are in high-demand, and will remain so for the future. Becoming certified will demonstrate to current and future employers that you understand how to securely deploy AWS services.

Do I need my own AWS account ?

During each class you will use our AWS accounts to deploy AWS cloud infrastructure and the cost of resources used during the class is included in the course fee. We recommend that you set up your own AWS account (it’s easy to do) to practice outside of class. You should not need to spend more than a few Euro per month to practice . There is also a free-tier available for new AWS accounts which gives you access to certain AWS services for free.

How important is data security in your course ?

Properly-used, the AWS cloud is a very secure platform. We teach you how to use the security features of AWS and the “shared-responsibilty” security model on which the AWS platform is based.

Where do I take the exam ?

The exam can be taken externally at an authorised exam centre. Currently the exam costs USD $150. Please see the AWS website for more details.